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Planet Hulk - Part 1 - Exile

Incredible Hulk (1999) 92-95

~ Planet Hulk begins with the trip on the shuttle that the Illuminati folks tricked Hulk on to.  These are the words Reed Richards leaves with Hulk:

Time and time again, your anger and power have threatened the entire planet. So when we learned that Fury sent you into space, we had to seize the opportunity. I have always thought of us as friends, Bruce. So I am truly, genuinely sorry.  But for your sake and ours, we’re sending you away. It’s the only way we can be sure. I know that you must hate us, Bruce. But I believe in my heart that this may be the greatest opportunity of your life. We picked your destination carefully, a lush planet, full of vegetation and game. But no intelligent life forms. There will be no one there to hurt you. And no one you can hurt. You always said you wanted to be left alone…may you finally find peace. 

Of course, the message just makes Hulk mad.  Thereby, in a combination of Hulk tearing up the shuttle and a worm-hole, Hulk does not go where they thought they were sending him.  (Maybe they should have monitored the shuttle while it was on its way.)

Of course when the shuttle lands, Hulk encounters not one but two hostile intelligent life forms.  Weakened by the passage through the worm-hole, Hulk is captured and enslaved.  He is set to fight in the local arena system for the amusement of the planetary ruler, Red King. Hulk being Hulk, he gets in a fight with the the Red King and his bodyguard, Caiera.  It is notable that both Hulk and the Red King wounded the other on the cheek.  

Still in a weakened state and implanted with a control device, Hulk is sent for gladiatorial training and assigned to a team.  This team is comprised of Miek, Korg, Brood, Skee, Elloe and an as yet unnamed shadow warrior. This is a world of brutality and competition, and Hulk is enjoying the opportunity to simply fight.  

Hulk’s appearance has ignited passions for this planet’s prophecies. With some believing that Hulk may be the savior of this world, Red King takes drastic measures to eliminate Hulk and his team with spectators and officials shocked by the action.  Skee is killed while Elloe was arrested when zealots attempt to free Hulk.  To honor the death of Skee, the survivors make a pledge to each other. Hulk, Miek, Korg, Brood, and the now known Hiroim the Shamed are now Warbound.  

The Warbound are now to fight the Silver Savage, who we find out is actually the Silver Surfer who was also weakened by passage through the local worm-hole portal and was likewise imprisoned and forced into the arenas. When confronted by his friend, Hulk hesitates and is clobbered by the Surfer.  Realizing Surfer isn’t pulling any punches, Hulk and the Warbound take a shot at Surfer’s only weakness, the control implant.  With the control implant broken, Surfer no longer was the will for battle but Hulk is still angry and takes the perceived betrayal out on his one-time ally.  

Having now completed the requirements for freedom, the Warbound are now presented one final task, kill Elloe to prove their loyalty and gain their freedom.  Hulk and the Warbound refuse and the slavers attempt to force the issue with the control implants. Silver Surfer intervenes and destroys all the control implants in the vicinity.  With all of the salves freed, they make a break for it into the wild.  

(Source: marvel.com)

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