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Planet Hulk - Part 3 - Anarchy

Incredible Hulk (1999) 96-99

~ On the run with Caiera the Oldstrong on their heels, Hulk and company head for a village that is known to Miek that is being overrun by local predators, wildebots.  Miek has ulterior motives as this is where his hive had been eradicated and he wants revenge.  The Warbound discover that the local imperials, the red skinned Sakarrans, have actually taken Miek’s hive as slaves. The village is destroyed and Miek’s people are freed. 

Rebellion is fomenting throughout Red King’s empire. The Red King is beginning to display an incapacity for leadership as he personally and wantonly kills whomever is bothering him at the moment. Caiera is unable to calm him, but Red King calls upon her to stop Hulk. 

Miek and Brood with the youngling hivers are coming together and it comes time for Miek to take his birthright and metamorphose to his next stage. A King.  

Hulk is beginning to realize that the confrontation with Red King will likely be devastating to those around him and he thinks he should leave to prevent himself from becoming what the prophecies refer to as the Worldbreaker. But Miek “convinces” Hulk that fighting the Red King is what he was meant for.  Korg and Hiroim head into the wastes with the refugees seeking peace while Hulk, Elloe, Miek and Brood head back to confront the Red King with the more vengeful elements of the masses following them.  

Caiera stands at the head of the Imperial army and parleys with Hulk. Caiera reveals that the Red King is ruthless and always has been, even destroying her village to determine if an Oldstrong was present. She has been his shadow and part of the Shadow Pact with the Empire.  She hopes to talk Hulk down but a contest of arms is inevitable with the Hulk. We see that the Old Power is a match for the Hulk’s strength, but this battle is forestalled by the Red King’s impatience as he unleashes the Spikes, an unrelenting force that plagues Sakaar.  

Caiera tricks Hulk into flinging her from the immediate field of battle and the risks of the Spikes.  Hulk is quickly infected by the Spikes but it is the Hulk after all and he purges the Spikes from his system.  Hulk’s forces retreat to a local village. Red King continues to show his devious and unforgiving manner as he firebombs the area to force the spikes toward the village and the Hulk. Caiera is so affronted that she assists the Hulk to protect the village. 

The potential rescue of the village is compromised when Miek discovers that the village houses a native Queen, possibly the last one. Amidst this chaos, Korg and Hiroim, who had been watching from afar drop into airlift villagers to safety.  Red King informs Caiera that he considers her actions a betrayal and reveals to her that the spikes have been under his control the whole time.  To punctuate his disdain he firebombs the village with her inside before the last villagers can be evacuated. A child dies in her arms and this is the last straw for Caiera.  Caiera joins Hulk and becomes Warbound.  

(Source: marvel.com)

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