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Planet Hulk - Part 5 - Allegiance

Incredible Hulk (1999) 100-103

~ Once again on the move with refugees in tow, Hulk and the Warbound try to stay ahead of the Imperials and the ravenous Spikes. Miek’s Queen falls victim a Spike injury she took previously and Miek has to end her life. As she was the last Queen, the native Hive is ended. Miek vows to divert the Spikes and bring death to the Imperials, Korg and Brood go with him. Hiroim and Caiera lead Hulk to the Shadow People in attempt to get the Shadows to act in the growing conflict. 

The Shadows take Hulk to be tested to determine if he fulfills their prophecies. Hulk’s rage stymies the Shadow’s support of Hulk as the Sakaarson, but Hulk has discovered the ship that brought the Shadows to Sakaar and claims it (Incidentally, this ship is the source of the warp-hole that brought Hulk as well). 

Meanwhile, Miek and Korg’s battle with the Spikes is going poorly. They take cover upon seeing Imperial ships but soon discover that they are engaging Hulk’s stone ship, newly acquired from the Shadows.  He uses the technology of the ship to shut off the power of the Imperials in their capital and then proceeds to seek another ally in the fight against the Red King, the spikes themselves. 

The Red King’s forces dwindle, just as often stuck down the mad ruler himself. Hulk and the Warbound have the upper hand, and Hulk moves to end the Red King. They fight and Hulk quickly gains advantage. But the Red King activates a doomsday weapon that breaks the plates of the planet’s crust.  Caiera and Korg indicate that the planet cannot survive this. Of course, Hulk gets mad. And the mad Worldbreaker instead dives into the molten rock and re-supports the plates and stops the devastating chain reaction started by the Red King. He then strikes the Red King a blow that launches him outside of the city and he is slain by wildebots. 

Hulk now is the power on Sakaar.  He is King. He feeds the Spike elders to keep the Spike children in check. With the Spikes dealt with temporarily, Hulk must also contend with ancient rivalries of the Imperials and the Natives. With Elloe and Miek leading the contingents to their respective people, there is no easy solution. Hulk decides that the issue must be resolved in the arena, as decreed by ancient law on Sakaar. Elloe and Miek square off to fight and die for the people. Unexpectedly, Hulk appears and tells them they must fight him. He is unstoppable and he tells the combatants that they are Warbound and they must embrace each other as brothers or he will kill them. 

The Shadows also demand a new Shadow Pact with the new emperor. They offer Caiera as Shadow Guard to the Green King. He refuses and states that what he wants is a Queen. Caiera accepts. Caiera and Hulk complete a Shadow ceremony to complete the marriage. She becomes aware of Hulk’s puny side and accepts him for his strengths and weaknesses. 

As Brood and Miek seek warmth to comfort each other, Miek discovers the shuttle that sent Hulk to Sakaar and believes he knows how to kindle the anger of Hulk towards those who betrayed him. 

(Source: marvel.com)

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