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Spotlight - on Trencher

~ In the early years of Image, when they were still trying to pretend that creator owned characters could join together to create a stable shared continuity universe, Keith Giffen created Trencher. 

Basically, Trencher is Lobo as a supernatural bounty hunter.  He had a spiritual handler and big guns.  An enjoyable read if you liked the early Lobo minis, dry humor, and the rather manic art stylings of Giffen. 

With notable crossovers with Supreme and Shadowhawk, I always thought that Trencher fit very well in the Image universe.  But Trencher parted ways with Image and moved to Blackball, apparently a collaborative publication between Giffen and a few others. 

Ultimately, Trencher was a very short lived character only being published by Image in 1993 and Blackball in 1994. 

(Source: imagecomics.com)

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